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We want all of our children to succeed, and so we are committed to ensuring that our families have the training and resources necessary to thrive as a foster and adoptive family. CK Family Services requires and recommends certain resources in order to facilitate on-going growth and development for our families as they parent children from hard places.
Required Reading

CK requires that families read The Connected Child and Wounded Children Healing Homes before adoptive placement and we hope for ALL families to read these excellent books, regardless of their family goals. We also require that all families desiring to adopt purchase, and have on hand, the Trust Based Parenting DVD set.

**Beginning 1/1/14, CK will require that ALL foster and adoptive families have both of the required books and the video set available in their home prior to verification and that all adoptive families read the books and complete reading reports prior to adoptive placement.**
Recommended Reading

CK Family Services believes strongly in the principles found in Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control and The Whole Life Adoption Book and we want for ALL of our families to invest their time in reading these excellent books in order to enhance their understanding of children who have experienced trauma, as well as their skills in parenting kids who come from hard places.

To make it easier for our families, we have made it possible for you to purchase these books and DVD’s through CK Family Services, at cost. You may purchase the books and DVD’s at the Saturday Therapeutic Parenting Preparation 3 class or during Adoption Training.

Families may purchase these resources, in-person, during Therapeutic Parenting Preparation 3 and Adoption Training, and may pay by cash (exact amount) or check. Individuals wishing to pay by credit or debit card may do so, below. Only one resource may be purchased at a time. Please indicate when and how you would like to receive your order.


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